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The Super Secret

Just Jeeps of Omaha

Members Only


What is Fritzy's phone number?

I wanna send Herbie a Christmas card, what's his address?

Where is this Tuttle Creek place?

Where do you guys camp down there anyway?

They say membership has it's perks and for our club members one of them is the MEMBERS ONLY area of our web page.  We'd love to tell you that there is a ton of secret and wonderful Jeepin' info here that you can get nowhere else, but our MEMBERS ONLY section is just three things right now:

1. It's a detailed membership directory including phone numbers and street addresses of our members that choose to have this info posted online.

2. We also use the members only area to post our monthly treasurer's reports and meeting minutes.

3. It's a guide to the Tuttle Creek ORV park that we use for our monthly Off Road trail runs.  It includes information on the State park itself, the campgrounds that we stay at, directions to get you there from Omaha, equipment requirements, and information on the ORV park that includes a map of the area.  All the info you need to hit the trails with us each month!

So if you are a member of Just Jeeps of Omaha just click on the magic secret key below to go to the login page

All members will be E-mailed the Login and password.  If you lose this info please contact us at and we'll send it out to you again.