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Just Jeeps By-Laws

Article 1)

To be established as a family oriented, nonprofit organization for consensual recreation

a. Members must own a Jeep four wheel drive vehicle, any year or model.

b. Membership and participation must be completely voluntary.

Article 2)

To be named Just Jeeps of Omaha.


Article 3)

Members must practice responsible four wheeling.

a. Members must not consume alcohol prior to or during any Just Jeeps club activity, which involves driving either on or off highway.

b. Members must practice driving principles which are consistent with Tread Lightly ethics, and pose the least possible effect on the environment.

c. Unruly or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for expulsion.

d. Illegal or controlled substances will not be consumed or possessed.

e. Firearms are not to be carried, brandished or discharged during club events.

Article 4)

Meetings will be held monthly as a minimum.

a. Date and time will be determined by a majority of members.

b. Location will be determined by a majority of members.


Article 5)

Officers and Nominations

a. President to reside over all meetings and events.  A direct representative of the club.  Responsible for ensuring that the responsibilities of the other officered positions are met.

b. Vice President to assist the President or act as such in his absence.  Also responsible for ensuring that the responsibilities of the other officered positions are met.

c. Treasurer to maintain financial records and balances.  Collect any dues or donations, and distribute the funds as directed by the President, Vice President, or the membership.  A financial report will be given at each meeting to inform members of balances, deposits and expenditures.

d. Secretary to develop and maintain administrative records, membership rosters, and minutes of meetings. Responsible for getting information to IT Officer in a timely fashion.

e. Safety Officer to inspect Members and nonmembers jeeps upon and on trail runs.  Also to promote safe, responsible off road driving to our membership.  Responsible for getting information helpful to our membership to IT Officer in a timely fashion.

f. Off Road Events Officer to plan all off road events.  It is not necessary for this officer to attend all or even the majority of these events, but he must insure that qualified leaders will be present at these events.  Reports directly to membership.  Responsible for getting information regarding these events to members and IT Officer in a timely fashion.  Also responsible for having members sign release form at off road events.

g. Social Events Officer responsible for planning, forming committees to plan and execute and distribute information all club social events including: Dinner and Lunch runs, Summer Cookout, Christmas Party, bowling and various other social events.

h. Membership/Recruitment officer responsible for processing membership information, forwarding dues payment to Treasurer on a monthly basis.  Responsible for forwarding new member information to Secretary, IT Officer and President.

i. IT Officer responsible for managing club web page and E-mail.  Responsible for posting information submitted by other officers that is of interest to members in a timely fashion.  This can be done by posting on the club web page or by e-mailing all members.  Also maintains Club group E-mail list.

j. In the event of a vacancy a special vote shall take place.

k. Club officers will have membership approval/dismissal authority.

l. All officers will participate in the planning of the annual events schedule every December.


Article 6)

Terms of officers shall be for one year.

a. Nominations will be accepted in June.

b. Elections will be held in July.

c. Terms will be restricted to two consecutive terms in one office.


Article 7)

Voting for club business will be determined by a present majority.

a. Changes or additions to the Just Jeeps of Omaha club By-laws must have a present majority of 2/3 of total membership.