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Membership Information



Yes, You too can be a Just Jeeps of Omaha Member!

Just Jeeps of Omaha is a family oriented club for area Jeep owners that tries to have something for every one.

We take monthly off road trips to the Tuttle Creek ORV park in Randolph, Kansas.  During the warmer months we camp out for the weekend and enjoy several days of four wheeling.  There are trails for every skill level from the scenic tour to some pretty hard-core stuff. We make dinner runs to restaurants in neighboring small towns.  We hold a monthly meeting at area restaurants that has become as much a social gathering as it is a business meeting.

Just Jeeps of Omaha has become a great source of information for members modifying their Jeeps.  We also keep an ear to the ground for any Jeep events in the area, and pass this information on to members via our E-mail newsletters.  We would like to stress that even if you don't intend to drive your jeep off road, there is plenty of fun to be had by becoming a member of Just Jeeps of Omaha.  As our club has grown and developed, it seems that one of the best benefits for members are the friendships made with other members.  We are a diverse bunch, with one basic thing in common.  We agree that owning a Jeep is a great experience and sharing that experience with other jeepers is a blast!

So what does it take to become a member of Just Jeeps of Omaha?  Dues are $30.00 annually.  Members joining before July 1 will pay the full dues and receive full membership benefits, and may renew their dues January 1st of the next year.

Members joining after July 1 will pay $15.00 and will receive full membership benefits with the exception of the United Four Wheel Drive Association and Blue Ribbon Coalition memberships.  If they choose renew their membership in January of the next year at $30.00 for the full year, at that time they will also receive group membership to the United Four Wheel Drive Association as well as the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Member benefits include:

1. Group membership to the United Four Wheel Drive Association and Blue Ribbon Coalition.

This includes quarterly newsletters from both of these associations.

2. Free admission to the Just Jeeps of Omaha annual summer cookout and Christmas Party.

3. Members receive timely information on club events via our E-mail mailing list.

4. Full voting privileges

If you think you might like to join, feel free to attend a Just Jeeps meeting or two to get to know a bit more about us.  If you like what you see, you can sign up on the spot or contact us at to request Membership information.  Please include your home mailing address and any questions you might have about the club.  We'll send our info packet and registration form out to you right away!!