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Directions to Tuttle Creek From Omaha


Get on Interstate 80 west.

Take I-80 west past most of Lincoln until you hit the Hwy 77/Beatrice exit (397? 399?)

Turn south (your only option) on Hwy 77.

You can just continue on down Hwy 77 for 2.5 hours.

Randolph is easy to miss if you blink.  From the highway, as you head South, you'll see a gas station and the Randolph cafe on the left side of the road.

Turn left here and follow this road all the way through town.  At the end of town, you will reach a T in the road.  Go right here and follow this road till you see the small Randolph ORV park sign instructing you to turn left.  Go for it.  Follow this dirt road until you reach the next sign instructing you to turn right.  Making this turn leads you into the staging area of park.

If you are heading to the Fancy Creek campground instead of the ORV park, follow the road through Randolph, just as in the directions above for the ORV park.  When you reach the T in the road turn left instead of right.  Follow this road till you reach the stop sign.  At the stop sign, continue staight.  This road leads you into the Fancy Creek camping area.

Most Just Jeepers camp in the electric loop.  To get there take a right hand turn as you come into the open valley approaching the lake.  Take another right, right away, and you are headed directly into the electric loop!