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Trail Requirements

Things that all good Jeepers must have to run trails with Just Jeeps of Omaha.


1. A properly maintained Jeep in good running condition.

2. A full tank of gas

3. Roll cage (CJ, YJ, and TJ)

4. Tow points front and rear

Frame mounted or properly rated 2" receiver

5. Skid plates for transfer case and Gas tank, Not all Jeeps come from the factory with skid plates.  You need them to protect your under carriage on the trail.

6. Tow strap rated for at least 20,000 pounds.  2" wide with looped ends.  NO STRAPS WITH STEEL HOOKS ON THE ENDS.

7. Fire extinguisher rated A, B, and C.

8. Full size spare tier

9. First aid kit - basic

Strongly Recommended Items

1. CB Radio - Optional, but very helpful out on the trail

2. Tire pressure gauge - For airing down tires

3. Sack Lunch to eat in the park

4. Liquids

5. Sun Screen

If you have any questions, please contact our Safety Officer Wayne Jones at