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Trail Rules and Etiquette

Convoy Etiquette

1. Be on time

2. Be ready to depart at the scheduled time with a full tank of gas

3. Maintain the pace on the highway

4. Get on the CB and get to know each other!

On the trail

1. Be courteous and helpful toward others.

2. Be prepared with proper equipment

3. Be respectful toward the environment

No littering - throw in a trash bag and pick up some litter

Minimize wheel spin

Leave the boom box at home 

4. Please maintain the lineup chosen by the Trail Leader if possible.

5. If you have to stop or leave the run, please let the Trail Leader know.

6.  When stopping, leave the trail passable for others.

7. When encountering other vehicles, the vehicles going uphill have the right of way.

8. Inform the Trail Leader of guests before the scheduled run.

9. If you come to something that you are not sure how to handle, get on the CB and tell your leader you need input.

10.Keep the guy behind you in your rearview mirror.  Please stop, and let your Trail Leader know that you are stopped if the Jeep behind you gets slowed up a bit.

11. When the Jeep in front of you is entering a challenging section give him some room.

12. Do not blindly follow the jeep in front of you.  If you are uncertain about something stop dead in your tracks, call your Trail Leader on the CB.  Don't try something that you don't feel comfortable with.  We won't leave you behind if you have to slow down or take a bypass.  And there are bypasses for just about every area of the park.

For further information on attending a Just Jeeps of Omaha trail run please contact our Off Road Events Coordinator Wayne Jones at